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Frequently Asked Questions
Here we have tried to compile a list of question we feel will be useful and may help you save time in making a decision. Please check the FAQ out before submitting questions as this will save you time having to wait for a response.

We will endeavour to respond to all enquiries within 24hrs.

Do you offer free quotations?
Yes we offer free quotations – Any distance – Any time

What colours are available?
All and any colours are available in both PVCu and Hardwood

Is it colourfast?
Yes – The colour is designed to last 30 years

What maintenance would be required?
PVCu windows are totally maintenance free. Hardwood windows maintain their looks better if the exterior varnish is maintained every seven years

How long do they last?
Most people change their windows any time after about ten years but our windows are designed to last a a minimum of thirty years

What guarantee/ insurance will I receive?
Manufacturer’s Guarantees are for a one year period and if we carry out the installation the Guarantee is extended to ten years with an insurance backing to the guarantee

How long will delivery likely be?
Our normal delivery/installation period is around three to five weeks from date of order.
The duration of an installation varies according to the size of the project

How secure are the windows?
All our windows and doors are extremely secure having internal glazing and hidden bolt systems

How responsive are you to telephone calls, other than sales enquiries?
We reply to all telephone messages, on whatever subject, almost immediately if possible and certainly within twenty four hours if you cannot be reached immediately

Will your windows help insulate my home and cut fuel costs?
Yes, all our windows are fitted with up to the minute specification double glazing systems based on the insulation properties now required by current Building Regulations making them the greenest available

I hope the FAQ above has been helpful, if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact me using the contact button on the left. Many thanks. Ray Payne (Proprietor of CO & W also trading as Conservatories by POG).

For true peace of mind always demand an “insurance backed guarantee” for your installations. This means that your policy is held with a separate insurance company, so if the installations company goes under you will still be covered.
Did you know...
In a well-insulated home, windows and other glazed areas are the biggest source of heat loss. By double glazing a window with clear glass, you can halve the heat loss compared to a single-glazed window of the same size and shape.
New windows can change the visual appearance of your home considerably. Choose a style that matches your property and enhances its looks. This is particularly important with PVCu and Aluminium designs when they are fitted to older properties.